May 3, 2007

I mentioned her in my previous post. But I finished rummaging through her amazing body of work, and I think i have developed a serious designers crush on her. The work she has created is the kind of work I dream of creating. Sexy type explosions. (Listen to her DesignMatters interview) Ive chosen some of my favorites that will hopefully inspire ideas for your work and/or the PID Birthday Project.

(this was originally posted on PID)

May 1, 2007

An Ugly Birthday

An Ugly Birthday 15"x17" Mixed Media on Craft Paper

Anyone who knows me knows that I constantly draw these little characters that I have lovingly dubbed "Uglies." They are these little creatures that have strange deformities, arms for legs or something unusual going on with them. In this case it is an overweight Ugly. A big fat head on a big orb of a body, the eyes hidden under huge bulging brows, and a huge nose accompanied by wrinkly mouth and chin area. Not so sure what possessed me to draw this particular species of Ugly, I'd say it was a mistake that I elaborated upon.

This particular piece I have created as a birthday present to my brother who turns 17 on Saturday. Both him and I have a great interested in street art and graffiti, so I themed this one using a drippy effect with spray paint.

Inspiration Overdose

Even though I've finished my senior portfolio and all the work for this semester, I still have a resonating but strong desire to continue to making work. Both painting and design, my mind is wracked with ideas. This sounds scary, but I want to go back and possibly eventually redo my Portfolio book. I have to ask myself if this is just a symptom of the end of school or if this will last all summer. I hope it lasts.

Another Design Blog

In a few days I will be graduating from the School of Visual Arts and taking my first steps into the "real world". I now face the same challenge that every art school grad does- finding a job, amongst other things. My dreams are to run my own studio one day, to become respected in the industry, to have my opinions heard and my words remembered. Which brings me to my next point, it has never been natural or easy for me to express myself verbally- I guess that is why I am a designer. With this blog, I would like to not only practice communicating my ideas in a written format but also post art and photos of mine and others. Basically share my view of the world with anyone willing to look with me.

So, I guess what I am saying is that, I hope this blog becomes a promotional tool as well as vehicle for me to express myself.